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From Baptiste Mispelon to Katie ✨🐨✨

Thanks for all the work you do, and in particular for helping me spread the special love of emoji in all its wonder and weirdness.

I've had an idea for an emoji talk float in my head for a while but I could never manage to turn it into something concrete.
The one you made and presented all over the world exceeded anything I could ever come up with.
Thanks for putting it out into the world!

The world of OSS can be lonely and sometimes even 💩, but it's people like you who make it 💯.

May your life be full of 🥄 and your internet pipes full of ✨.
Take care,

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Thank you for your attention to detail, willingness and enthusiasm to contribute and patience to wade through the existing documentation in Cyrus, finding the pain points... and fixing them.

Finding people to contribute code to a project is a lot easier than finding people who will update documentation. Especially to a 24 year old project like Cyrus.

May the weather always be to your liking, may your noodles never splatter across your shirt, may your virtual pen never run out of ink and may your timezone calculations never give you a headache.

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I appreciate all your work in creating this service.

Thank you.

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I haven't seen you around for too long in open source, but I know when I first saw you begin contributing, you became easy to spot. I have a lot of respect for you and your motivation to contribute to open source. You are a wonderful, positive role model for many people in the open source community, especially for women and students.

Your dedication and motivation to bring more students and women into open source through your talks and FOSS Wave activities is powerful and motivating. It helps to have someone similar to ourselves to look to for a role model. We are lucky to have someone like you in the open source community, and you have done and continue to do amazing things. Keep up the amazing work – you have many fans!

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You have worn many hats in open source over the years, not just as a contributor, but also as a mentor. I put a lot of high value into your thought-out opinions and insights. You have a unique and open-minded way of thinking about things, in open source and personal things alike. I'm thankful that we have people like you in open source communities to build better software and also to build better communities. We're lucky to have someone like you around. Thanks for all you have done and keep on doing amazing things.

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I have so much love and appreciation for the SpigotMC project and all of the contributors that help make it happen. For four years, you all have run this project out of your own free time to help maintain the Minecraft multiplayer community as we know it. It's hard to imagine a world where Spigot didn't decide to keep on keeping on after the mess in 2014. But here we are now!

Thanks to all of you for the hard work you all put in (probably often thanklessly) every day for the project. Your efforts and commitment to the project and community do not go unnoticed. I have a lot of respect for the decision-making that comes out of the project leadership. As a long-time user and community member, thanks for all that you do and keep up the awesome work.

From Ernest Micklei to Jack Christensen

Dear Jack,

Thank you for creating the pgx package.

We at bol.com have been using it in production since December 2015 for our message queueing system called BoQS. Currently, it transports about 25 million messages a day and we expect to see it grow at least 10x.

If you want to know more then just ask.


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I remember when I first found out about you in the community and I was so interested to see the things you were helping organize and drive forward. After learning more, I discovered all of the dedication you put forth into your own local community. It's hard not to be inspired! Especially seeing you travel to conferences and give talks about how to bring more women into FOSS and why diversity is important. You are truly remarkable and accomplished – I'm happy that I found out about you and the Albanian community!

Beyond that, I never imagined I would get a chance to meet you in person. I'm happy that I did, and I have many good memories to thank you for. Without a doubt, you're one of the people who have impacted my own experience in open source considerably, and I'm glad to call you my friend. I look forward to whenever the next chance we will get to meet once more!

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There's so much I have to thank you for over the years and seldom do I have a chance to say it to you in person. You've always inspired me in my journey into open source, and your knowledge, compassion, and wisdom is yet unmatched. Without you, I can definitely say that I don't think I would have started any of this crazy adventure in the first place.

Rock the polls, win big, and keep repping all of us at the federal level with open source. I know this position is the dream gig for you and I couldn't be happier for you. Keep doing the awesome things you have always done over the years – your actions have a ripple effect. From one person you impact, they will go on and impact one or two more. I can only imagine how many ripples you have caused in this big FOSS pond.

Looking forward to bumping into you again soon, whenever that may be.

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Thank you for being this amazing hubby I met 8 years ago. You are such a kind guy, always supporting me and pushing me out of my comfort zone so I can learn and enjoy much more.
Also thank you for having us moved to this lovely shiny city.
I love you from the deepest of my heart

From Sebastian Zartner to Florian Scholz

I'm happy that you're always reachable, responsive and friendly everytime I come to you with an annoying question. :-)

From Natasha to Matias

Hi Matias,

I wanted to thank you (although that doesn't seem nearly enough) for your help volunteering at try! Swift NYC two weeks ago. I was honestly blown away by how you took charge, made decisions, and went above and beyond what was asked of you to help make the conference a massive success.

Thank you ❤️,

From Beatrix Bodó to Lasse Schuirmann

In these two weeks while you were in Brno I learned new things and I felt inspired to better myself. It was mostly because of you and coala. Thank you for introducing me to open source, making coala, cooking for us, and overall being such a lovely person!

From Laurence to Mike Croucher

Mike thank you for your fellowship expertise.
I really appreciate it

From Chris to Natasha

You're talk was very inspiring. Teaching developers about writing apps to teach others various languages, in various languages. Wow. Thanks!

From Chris Mann to Natasha

Thank you for putting together try! Swift. It's been a great few days in NYC and I've thoroughly enjoyed meeting developers from around the world. Also, your blog rocks!

From Paul Hildebrandt to Trey Hunner

Hey Trey, I wanted to make sure you knew I really appreciated the chat we had at PyCon. I was trying to solve a business problem with a technical solution. You were there with common sense and pointed me to a business solution instead. Sometimes being an engineer can cloud my thinking and your wisdom was very welcome.

From Kirsten Hunter to Katie McLaughlin

Thank you so much for all your help with my code and an awesome talk on being nice :-)

From Lacey Williams Henschel to Adrienne Lowe

A few months ago, I was presented with an ethical dilemma and I wasn't sure what to do (as is the nature of ethical dilemmas). I literally thought, "What would Adrienne do in this situation?" and suddenly, what *I* should do became very clear.

Your instincts are so solid, and you care so deeply for other people and for ensuring that spaces are safe and encouraging for new people. I've learned a lot from you about how to bring those qualities into my own work. Thanks for shining your light on me, so I can learn how to better shine my own light. 🕯

From Burhan Khalid to Tim Graham

I just wanted to say thank you for helping me out with my first PR on django. Thanks to your comments I realized what areas to check into for my next commit; and I appreciate the patience it must have taken to hand-hold me through it all.

Thanks Tim!

From Lacey Williams Henschel to Kenneth Love

Thanks for always teaching me things! I'm never afraid to ask you a silly question, and I really appreciate that about you.

Anonymous message

Thank you for being with me and always push me to my best, thanks for all smiles and hugs you gave me, thanks for being the best soul mate and wife ever.

From Lorena Mesa to Jim McGowan

How do I begin to emphasize how profound the work is that you do? You're leading the way for non-profits to learn the value of OSS particularly for volunteer engagement. Thank you for all you do and I can't wait to see what you do next!

From Lorena Mesa to Rachel Ober

Rachel you have been rocking it with W/S/C as a conference chair and being the glue that holds us all together!! Thank you for being so kind and patient with me as a beginner organizer and giving me the opportunity to do the thing I love most -- help others! You're breaking down barriers to OSS daily with your actions. Keep on fighting the good fight!!!!

From Lacey to Katie

Thanks for hanging out with me at DjangoCon and mentoring me through my first commit to PyBee! I had such a great time getting to know you, and I'm looking forward to many more conference bonding experiences. **hugs**

From Erik Romijn to Daniele Procida

I just wanted to say that I enjoyed your lightning talks. Not only was it entertaining, but the work you're doing for PyCon Namibia is incredibly important. Such things require careful balancing to not both support the local community enough, while also empowering them to find their own way in things. You seem to hit that right on the nail. It's delightful and moving to see how, with Python and Django at the base, it's making a difference to people, with your support.

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I've always tried to be positive towards people whose work I admire as a way to give something back to them — usually I just send the authors an email. I do think that we need a cultural change towards expressing your good feelings to other people rather than just criticism and I very much agree with the message of the project although I have no problem contacting random strangers, but I can see that many other people probably would.

So thank you very much for doing this, I hope the happiness packets project will make a lot of people a bit happier in the long run.

From Aaron Elliot Ross to Brandon Rhodes

Hello! Thank you for logging tree! It made my work with logging so much easier.

Thank you.

From Lacey Williams Henschel to Erik

Thanks so much for the great chat at the speaker dinner. It's easy to feel overwhelmed being in a room with so many talented and accomplished people, and it's so encouraging when someone takes the time to have a real conversation with you. I felt like I really connected with you and I hope we have more chances in the future to get to know each other better!

Your friend,

From Julie Kane to Jenica Rogers

This is a little piece of fluff, but I wanted you to know I'm thinking of you and sending some support and happiness your way. You make life better for a lot of people, me included, and you might not know all the ways you do that, only the ways in which it's hard. You are loved and cheered on -- and so very very cared for. Thanks for being Jenica!

From Samuel to Erika

Thank you for what you said about sharing your art and how it gives a whole new meaning to what we do. It is a wake-up call for me as I'm always scared to share code although I have quite a few years of experience coding and coaching other developpers. Fear of getting trashed, fear of being irrelevant because my vision of the problem was too narrow, or because I overlooked something already existing,... Fear of being misjudged, etc.

So again, thank you for your inspiring talk. It's very nice to see girls as happy and successful as you in CS careers ! You should still consider joigning Django girls or doing the same in your community ;-)

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Por que te mereces toda la felicidad del mundo, mi querida colega!

From Kirstie Whitaker to Abby

Thank you so much Abby for all your support and mentorship of me and the STEMM Role Models project!

I love your energy and enthusiasm, and I've found our fortnightly meetings so helpful in keeping me motivated and on track.

I really appreciate all the effort you put in to helping so many people have their projects reach their best potential.

From Benjamin Bach to Jonas Obrist

Hurray for one of the longest-living most useful django applications ever done! I have it in all my projects! Thanks for always paying attention to issues and keeping up to speed with changing upstream django releases. Your work is greatly appreciated!!